History Surrounds Us

Greetings from the Forest

Growing up and living in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area in Arizona there was little history other than a building here and there along with the history class in school.  What I find here, in southern Colorado, is the abundance of history and it’s so enlightening.

Take for instance the church I attend.  Zion’s German Lutheran Church was built in 1889 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties in 2006. As Trinidad grew with the railroad and pioneers were making their way west, the German Lutherans came and found themselves in a strange new land with unfamiliar customs.  It was instinctive for these immigrants to congregate around their faith.  Although the Presbyterians asked the Lutherans to join them, eventually the German’s realized they needed their own church.  So in September 1889 the excavation commenced.g1-2149-1

The building ended up an eclectic mix of Romanesque, Gothic, German Renaissance, and Tudor architectural styles.  It is a beautiful, peaceful work of art and a church family of such welcoming love.  I am grateful to God to be a part of such a wonderful congregation.

Moving on, did you know Masterson was appointed city marshal of Trinidad, Colorado on April 17, 1882. He had hardly settled into his $75 a month marshal’s job when Wyatt Earp needed Masterson’s help to prevent the extradition of John Henry “Doc” Holliday from Colorado to Arizona.


Masterson took his case directly to Colorado Governor Frederick W. Pitkin, who listened to Masterson’s appeal and finally refused to grant Holliday’s extradition. Masterson’s rescue of Doc Holliday, and his nightly “moonlighting” as a faro dealer spelled doom for his career as city marshal of Trinidad, Colorado. On March 28, 1883 a local paper noted that: “There are now two ‘bankers’ running for city offices – Mr. Taylor of the Las Animas County Bank, and Mr. Masterson of the bank of ‘Fair O.’ Both have a large number of depositors – one of time depositors and the other receives his deposits for keeps.” The voters of Trinidad got the message. On April 3, 1883, Masterson was defeated by a lopsided vote of 637 to 248.

And that’s it for todays history blog.

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